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◈The Holy Fire Cult appears◈ With the power of fists and kicks, the beast breaks through the sand and comes! ◈New PVP confrontation attributes ◈Super strong attributes with new special effects appearance, strong and sassy to dominate the world!
近期更新: 2023-11-22


《新笑傲江湖M-港澳版》是一款由IWPLAY WORLD開發的角色扮演 類app。本頁面下載的新笑傲江湖M-港澳版电脑版是透過安裝安卓模擬器在電腦上運行。安卓模擬器是一款在電腦操作系統上模擬器安卓運行環境的軟體,其中雷電模擬器是一款在Windows電腦上運行的免付費安卓模擬器。雷電透過模擬Android 9.0手機運行環境,具有手機上沒有的多開視窗、巨集指令、操作錄製等強大功能,實現在電腦上暢玩手機遊戲。是一款專為遊戲發燒友而生的安卓模擬器。


[Boxing dominance, the Holy Fire Cult appears]
The new sect - Holy Fire, is divided into two schools: "Crushing Fire" and "Singing Sand". Shattering Fire is a fighting master style that is very exciting. Ming Sha is a summoner who can control beasts and flying sand; he can perform combos of various styles by switching between dual skill modes!

[Jin Yong’s popular martial arts masterpiece]
Mr. Jin Yong's classic martial arts novel "The Swordsman" is officially authorized and faithful to the original work. You can do whatever you want in the world. You will meet Dongfang Bubai, a character who will do as he pleases, and you will become a member of the Shadow Sect, grasp the pulse of the entire world, and investigate the most mysterious massacre of the family that year!

[100% star-rated Cantonese dubbing]
Hong Kong and Macao support Cantonese! The largest dubbing text ever! The most powerful Hong Kong star villain in history is transformed into "Luo Lelin", Lin Pingzhi's "Zheng Zicheng" and "Xia Shizhen" for the first time as three-person dubbing voices. In addition, "Liu Haozi", a member of the popular Macau Internet celebrity group "Wei Spicy" ", "Brother Huo", "Su Lin", "TINA" and "Jia Chong", they will use the most magnetic and personal voices to become important characters in the world and interpret the most authentic plots. !

[Peak PK is so cool]
The first mobile game to support 90Hz frame rate! You can enjoy extremely smooth and explosive PK, such as duel (1v1), siege (3v3), and even participate in large-scale slashing events (15v15). You can definitely experience this first and most fun!

[It’s so easy to change sects]
Whether it is the Huashan Sect with unparalleled swordsmanship, the Wudang Sect with superior counterattacks, or various professions that are good at melee combat and long-range attack, players can switch freely between different professions and enjoy the benefits brought by different professions. A lot of fighting fun, your Jianghu people don’t get it just once!

[The trick genre is up to you to practice and grow]
The Sunflower Book, the Dugu Nine Swords, and the Star-Absorbing Technique...the most powerful and unique martial arts are truly restored, and you can have them all at once! No longer limit your imagination, defeat your opponents, only you will be undefeated!

【Choose a hero to be your friend】
Xiaoao's first online chat room is now online. You can have 1:1 in-depth chats with Dongfang Bubai, Ling Guchong, Ren Woxing, Yue Buqun and other famous Xiaoao characters at any time, and even develop further relationships and uncover the secrets All the secrets of Swordsman!

[Unique to IN diverse ways to play]
In order to prevent anyone from discovering your undercover identity, you need activities that can be enjoyed by many people, such as chatting, cheating, horse racing, playing the piano, etc. to show your stylish and CHOK style!

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※The plot of this game involves dating, violence, and inappropriate language.
※The plot of the game is purely fictitious, please pay attention to the time of use and do not indulge or imitate inappropriately.
※Some content requires additional payment. Do not use others to save it to avoid breaking the law.