Global Recruitment of Translation Volunteers

Previously, we want to express our gratitude to all of our users for your kind support to us! At present, we have released 11 different language versions: English, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Portuguese, Russian, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Chinese Traditional. In order to serve all kinds of users from different countries, we would like to recruit some translation volunteers to help us add new different languages for better spreading LDPlayer to people over the world. Join us! You may have fun at work!

What You Can Do for Us

  • Official Site Translation

    Translate the content of our official site homepage, so that users can understand our official website faster and easier.

  • LDPlayer Emulator Translation

    Translate the performance and characteristics of LDPlayer emulator, making it easier for users to get started.

  • Newly Updates Translation

    Translate the updates of our emulator and official site, enabling users to learn the latest update news about our product and website.

What We Can Offer

  • Official List
  • Material Reward
  • Technical Support
  • Practical Opportunity

How to Become One of Our Translators

Please contact us via Email: with the following personal info:

Name/Gender/Education/Country/Translation Experience/like playing games or not/LDPlayer user or not/
the language you can translate and your language level)/your requests, etc.

After contacting us, we may reply to you for further communication within 3 working days. We can't wait for you to join!

Basic Requirements for Translators

1.Love playing games and know more about the game.
2.Knowing some professional terminologies are preferred.
3.Proficient in English and other languages that aren't included in our site.
4.Familiar with our emulator, LDPlayer users are preferred.

Official Translators List

We respect all of our translators cause they are our solid backbone of our company. And they love us back so that we always have smooth and enjoyable cooperation.

  • Chinese (Traditional)


  • Turkish

    Harun Errol
    Ali Şen

  • Russian

    Larqus IDris a.k.a. MANsur

  • Thai

    Noggin Store

  • Espanol

    Elias Montenegro

  • Araabic

    Ruger Blaze

  • Persian

    EEmad Tavaokoli a.k.

  • Українська

    Lastovichak Mykhailo

  • Pусский