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Pure fantasy epic RPG new work! lets go! A journey across the age of gods and modern times!
Komoe Game
近期更新: 2022-07-27


《悠久之樹》是一款由Komoe Game開發的角色扮演 類app。本頁面下載的悠久之樹电脑版是透過安裝安卓模擬器在電腦上運行。安卓模擬器是一款在電腦操作系統上模擬器安卓運行環境的軟體,其中雷電模擬器是一款在Windows電腦上運行的免付費安卓模擬器。雷電透過模擬Android 9.0手機運行環境,具有手機上沒有的多開視窗、巨集指令、操作錄製等強大功能,實現在電腦上暢玩手機遊戲。是一款專為遊戲發燒友而生的安卓模擬器。


The continent "Titaryela" is a land where the civilization of the gods and modern civilizations blended together. There are many precious heritages buried in the relics left by the gods. Modern people explore the ruins of the Age of Gods, and through the study of the relics in the ruins, the civilization has achieved rapid development. Those who make a living by excavating ruins are collectively called "seekers".
A chance encounter with the mysterious puppet Artemisia brings you, an ordinary seeker, into the age-crossing disputes of the continent "Titarella". Your adventure will determine the future direction of this world.
lets go! A journey across the age of gods and modern times!

【Pure fantasy epic】
Wang Daofeng's original story, depicting a new civilized world on a land abandoned by God with millions of words!
The mystery of the civilizational fault between the Age of God and modern times, the cooperation and struggle between the Federation and the Empire, the intricate relationship between the five major forces, the mysterious relics and machine gods, the magical creatures all over the continent... All these are waiting for your exploration and your adventure It will also affect the direction of the world!

[Machine god and girl, resonance across time and space]
The mysterious girl who has formed a bond with the protagonist, and the machine god left by the civilization of the gods, what kind of incredible power will the resonance between the two bring about? !
Inspired by the gods appearing in cultural legends, we have created and designed a number of machine god series with exquisite details and cool appearance. In the game, players can summon the imaginary body of the ancient machine gods, fight with the machine gods from the age of gods, and challenge powerful enemies!

[Special plot interpretation form]
Different from the traditional stand-up dialogue, the game adopts the trendy interpretation of dynamic CG novels, combined with high-quality original plot paintings, which vividly shows the tension-filled adventure world, bringing players an immersive experience of comics and light novels.

【Meet the ever-changing girls and start a fantasy adventure】
On an adventurous journey, partners are indispensable!
The game currently has hundreds of characters with different styles, each of which has a unique personality setting and exquisite appearance, so that every encounter between you is full of expectations and surprises. With the deepening of exploration, you will gradually have a strong bond with each character, and unlock surprise gifts from the characters!

[Top popular seiyuu joins]
Sakura Ayane, Yuuki Bi, Uchiyama Aki, Ono Ryoko, Kawasumi Ayako, Takahashi Li Yi, Mimori Suzuko, Minase Ini, Kayano Ai, Ito Milai, Kakuma Ai, Shimazaki Nobunaga, Takeuchi Shunsuke, Se Sami Toma, Yukana Nogami, Shizuo Ito... and many other popular Japanese voice actors joined in to help out, perfectly showing the characters and charms through their voices, presenting you with a feast of hearing!

【Abundant development and strategic elements】
A variety of protagonist occupations, dozens of machine gods, hundreds of characters... The rich elements will definitely satisfy your collection and development hobbies!
In addition, we have innovatively added a unique protagonist's free transfer system and an imaginary number summoning system, which greatly enriches the dimension of combat strategy and makes the combat experience more varied and interesting.

【contact us】
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※The plot of this game involves the plot of [violence, sex, love and friendship], and is classified as supplementary level 12 according to the game software classification management method
※This game is free to use, and the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items
※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid indulging in games, which may affect physical and mental health