Chained Cars against Ramp

Drive the Chained Cars!
GT Action Games
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更新日期 2023-11-16
評分 3.5
類型 模擬
應用程式檔名稱 com.freegames.chainedcars
下載數 5+
Chained Cars against Ramp 簡介
Get into the driving seat there is challenge for you. Chains have been attached to your and your rivals car. Drive your car as fast as you can into the oncoming road block so that the rivals car is totaled.

This driving game tests your ability to drive a super sports car as fast as possible at the highest possible speeds to beat and destroy your enemy player.

Please feel free to suggest us any improvements that could help us make the game better. Thank You!

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關於 Chained Cars against Ramp Android版的評論
played for 30 seconds and got 4 ads sorry dont like money hog games if i get annoption of watching for something different matter thats my choice but too many ads
video commercials are unbearable!!! pass a level, watch a commercial. loose. watch a commercial. RIDICULOUS!!!
There is no chains!!! And ads keep on poping up I hate this game!
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