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永恆島LaTale - 彩虹島正版授權

The classic "Rainbow Island" returns, and the adventure journey starts again!
Lulin Games
近期更新: 2023-11-22

《永恆島LaTale - 彩虹島正版授權》電腦版信息

雷電模擬器是玩手遊最流暢的120FPS模擬器,可以讓你在電腦上暢玩永恆島LaTale - 彩虹島正版授權,獲得身臨其境的遊戲體驗。使用Android 9模擬器可以在電腦上以120FPS甚至240FPS暢玩永恆島LaTale - 彩虹島正版授權。

《永恆島LaTale - 彩虹島正版授權》是一款由Lulin Games開發的角色扮演 類app。本頁面下載的永恆島LaTale - 彩虹島正版授權电脑版是透過安裝安卓模擬器在電腦上運行。安卓模擬器是一款在電腦操作系統上模擬器安卓運行環境的軟體,其中雷電模擬器是一款在Windows電腦上運行的免付費安卓模擬器。雷電透過模擬Android 9.0手機運行環境,具有手機上沒有的多開視窗、巨集指令、操作錄製等強大功能,實現在電腦上暢玩手機遊戲。是一款專為遊戲發燒友而生的安卓模擬器。

永恆島LaTale - 彩虹島正版授權概況

"Rainbow Island" IP authorized mobile game is officially launched!
Log in now to claim the pet "Sister Yebby" and "Serial Opening Gift Pack"
Search for "Timeless Isle LaTale" on Facebook to participate in the official event~

"LaTale of Eternal Island" is a horizontal fighting MMORPG mobile game officially authorized by the classic online game "Rainbow Island". It inherits the super cool 2D horizontal scrolling combat mode, as well as the original BGM, 4 major occupations, and cute pets System, unique dual-weapon system, job transfer system, team dungeons, puzzles, fashion face-changing, leisure fishing and other classic content, take you back to the Rainbow Calendar 4020, once again fight side by side with Alice and sister Yebi, for Fight for peace in the rainbow island world!

Rainbow Islanders assemble! The exciting fantasy adventure journey is about to start!

====== Game Features ======

【Original BGM into the soul】
All the classic BGMs of the past are included! When the music starts, it will take you back to Longjing in Gendia, the place where the dream started!

[Fresh control, exciting battle]
The battle of the game is carried out in a classic and unique horizontal scroll mode, and at the same time inherits the excellent control experience. The islanders can fight through flexible control and positioning, find the best time to launch the big move, and the victory or defeat is at the fingertips!

【Cute Pets, Loyal Comrades】
Rich pet development system, in addition to daily upgrades, pets can also awaken and learn different skills, and up to 6 pets can be placed in the formation at the same time, cute pets are also your most powerful comrades in arms! And sister Yebi is waiting for your call~

[Double weapon system strategy matching]
Powerful occupation system, each occupation can use 2-3 kinds of weapons, each weapon corresponds to different skills, providing you with a high degree of freedom in matching. There is also a classic "puzzle system" for you to upgrade your weapons infinitely!

[Classic occupation free transfer]
Includes four classic occupations: fighter, ranger, mage, and knight. After reaching the level, you can change jobs, and your combat effectiveness will increase by leaps and bounds! In the end is to switch to "templar knight" or "martial artist"? Have you considered?

【Let's write books together and farm equipment together】
Islanders, do you still remember the days when we played raids together? Classic dungeons such as "Monster Building" and "Horror Village" are open again! There are also super powerful Boss waiting for you to challenge! Bring your most powerful equipment and call your teammates to play this game together!

【Rainbow World is colorful】
Create a unique self with super cool fashion, communicate with the islanders with various funny expressions, fish together, mine together, and enjoy the colorful world of Rainbow Island.

【Kind tips】
※ Because this software involves violence, love and making friends, it is classified as supplementary level 12 according to the game software classification management method.
※ This game is free to use, and the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items.
※ Play the game for a long time, please pay attention to the usage time and avoid being addicted to the game.
Agent information: Yiheng Digital Marketing Co., Ltd.

To learn more about 【LaTale of Eternal Isle】and receive more in-game benefits, please click the link below
- Facebook: https://bit.ly/3mzbdMv
- Discord: https://bit.ly/41Dtdnt
- LINE: https://bit.ly/433fK9n
- Bahamut: https://bit.ly/3LaUKX2


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