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近期更新: 2020-04-21 當前版本: 4.5.1
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兄弟、還記得那些年嗎?我們一起在學校玩的遊戲 就不多說了 大家都懂的、經典就是經典 永恆不衰、刚载了玩了哈、还是那个感觉、忍不住要来给开发商个大大的五星好评。在free⑧⑧⑨⑨點(C)0㎡上面载游戏、还有好多这样的经典、你还记得多少呢、还是那个而感觉吗?邂逅柔美,红尘清浅,记忆的花瓣惊艳了全城,美丽的影像萦绕在脑海里。初次的,和你牵手相伴的记忆,曾经美好的眷恋,从未消失过,可是相遇的故事只是定格在瞬间的记忆。每一次年华荏苒,每一场缘分邂逅,近在咫尺的你我,一个转身,便已海角天涯。那曾经的点滴,往昔温馨的画面,终究抵不上流金岁月,最后也成了一张泛黄的宣纸而已。自己成了别人的过客,多少孤独的悲伤,漂流在悲伤的河流里,任凭风的方向,渐渐远行。希望多給玩家更多的未來活動資訊,讓玩家可以有堅持的心,繼續享受這遊戲的快感,支持你們,加油!



Join our community of 130 million Fun Run players from all around the world in the online multiplayer racing game - Fun Run 3. Get ready to go on the run in fun running games with even more action-packed craziness than before – enter to battle, crash and win big against your furry opponents by being the first player to reach the finish line!

Fun Run is Back
We are back with the third chapter in the Fun Run saga – FUN RUN 3 – with more of the mischief and mayhem that you loved in Fun Run and Fun Run 2. Challenge 8 of your online friends or random
people and run faster than them in this thrilling online multiplayer game mode. Be the fastest runner as you crush your rivals in exciting races!

Ridiculously Funny Running Game
Fun Run 3 takes the legendary gameplay of classic running race games and adds a new dimension of cool! Race against other real players while escaping almost real obstacles in a really funny game. Sabotage your rival runners’ progress to WIN the race in this fun game to play online. No holding back! Slash, crush, and destroy your opponents to the finish line!

Arena Gameplay
Arena is the where eight furries fight against elimination in an addicting game mode! Only the fastest 3 reach the finish line for amazing rewards and ultimate glory. Today is the race day, on which you become the victorious and fulfill your destiny to be among the winners who reach the ARENA CHAMPION podium.

Form a Clan & Run with Friends
Get on the run and race with your clan buddies! Participate in multiplayer games online with friends or total strangers. Find friends online to show them how it’s done! Fun Run 3 is all about playing awesome games with friends – and beating them to the finish line!

Show off your style and be the coolest critter in the forest!
We packed this Fun Run game with hilarious fashionable accessories! Choose from different furry friends and dress them up with cool hats, boots, sunglasses and even more swag to show off your funny games style! Choose between cool animals - a blue bear, a bunny, a cat, or even a monkey!

Cool & Fun Features
★ Clan Battles in a 2v2 mode!
★ 30+ new power-ups!
★ Arena - the new 8 player racing game mode!
★ Race against friends or random players in real-time!
★ Slam & Slide: two new actions to leave the opposition in the dust!
★ Customize your avatar with more options than ever!
★ Conquer lots of new levels!
★ Climb the leaderboards and challenge the best players in the world!

Fun Run 3 is a free online multiplayer game – an internet connection is required.
The Arena awaits! Download Fun Run 3 now and start running! Ready, Set, GO!


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