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Magic Unicorn Piano Tiles

Magic Unicorn Piano Tiles : Magical Tiles vocal Songs 2023 for girls
近期更新: 2022-09-22
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《Magic Unicorn Piano Tiles》電腦版信息

《Magic Unicorn Piano Tiles》是一款由Kawassom開發的音樂 類app。本頁面下載的Magic Unicorn Piano Tiles电脑版是透過安裝安卓模擬器在電腦上運行。安卓模擬器是一款在電腦操作系統上模擬器安卓運行環境的軟體,其中雷電模擬器是一款在Windows電腦上運行的免付費安卓模擬器。雷電透過模擬Android 9.0手機運行環境,具有手機上沒有的多開視窗、巨集指令、操作錄製等強大功能,實現在電腦上暢玩手機遊戲。是一款專為遊戲發燒友而生的安卓模擬器。

Magic Unicorn Piano Tiles概況

Magic Unicorn Piano tiles 3 is solo Piano music game with vocals, kpop and trendy pop piano songs, you will feel like a unicorn princess or a B.T.S superstar or any other Kpop band, if you play Unicorn piano game

Magic Unicorn Piano tiles 3 is one of the amazing Unicorn games for girls, where you can play piano with real songs, and your favorite characters like cat, fox, princess, butterfly, pink blossom flower, designed in a glow girly theme, to feel like a fairy tale.

Play magic unicorn piano games with kpop,Pop hip hop, kpop, EDM, classic Music real songs, with vocals, this unicorn piano game is made for you girl!

Enjoy playing piano tiles unicorn with vocal and music and purple with pink tiles graphic for girls, and play your favorite songs.

Before you had to tap on the black tiles while listening to music and avoid the white ones, but now we designed this piano music game for girls, to match their preference and play while enjoying the music experience, with:

-Magical pink tiles showing pink blossom flower that’s famous in japan, anime and kpop
-Purple Tiles with magical unicorn with glow and glitter
-Gold Princess Tiles who has pink hair and resides in a golden castle
-Fairy tale blue butterfly tiles, that gives feeling of calm and classy music
-Cute orange magical fox tiles, in the jungle with cute animals
-Red cute cat tiles, with wonderful piano music

Challenge your friends to see who will become pro in piano game, and play with magical unicorn while you are signing following the Vocal piano Game.

Improve your tapping speed with magic tiles playing real songs, piano and vocal with purple unicorn rainbow, pink blossom flowers theme and Gold Princess in a cute castle.

If you like Magic Tiles: Kpop Songs or B.T.S games, Vocal & Piano in this rhythm game you will find all your favorite songs, kpop and pop music of your favorite artists. and also several songs for this year, this is a Piano app : came with classic music and anime openings music also hip hop beautiful songs .What are you waiting for ? download this magic unicorn music Piano game now!! This game is For girls who loves cats or fox, butterflies, princess dancing, try magic unicorn tiles, rainbow color tiles, this girly game is designed for you enjoy it now!

• Simple unicorn and Princess graphics,
• Easy game play
• High-quality piano kpop and Pop songs
• Piano types of music: hip hop, kpop, EDM, Pop, classic Music, etc
• Songs are constantly being updated for you
• HD piano and HD backgrounds of unicorn and flowers

Download and play Magic Unicorn Piano tiles 2023 - Music Game Now !! and enjoy it with your friends and see who is the winner and be the princess or the queen of Piano game music.




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