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近期更新: 2022-09-01
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▶Team up for epic battles in Argent Twilight: Secret of the Dark Orbs.

[Welcome to Argent Twilight: Secret of the Dark Orbs]

🐳 Strategize and Dominate in Tactical Combat
Utilize your hero's attributes and skills and move them to favorable positions to strategically plan an effective attack on the enemy team. Come up with your own formula for victory!

🐳 Experience an RPG with Vibrant Anime-Style 3D Graphics
Adventure as the protaganist in a vast anime storyline as you uncover the secret behind the Dark Orbs. A variety of content awaits you including side stories, building relationships, and exploring a new town.

🐳 Explore Challenging Dungeons and Build the Ultimate Team
Shape and grow the ultimate team by exploring challenging dungeons to defeat powerful bosses for rare runes to develop and enhance your gear sets including the heroes' secret weapon.

🐳 Fierce Competition Unfolds in Thrilling PvP
Face off against other players from across the globe on the Resolute Battlefield in competitive player vs. player combat. Do you have what it takes to outsmart your opponents and claim your throne

🐳 Collect Over 300 Elemental Heroes
Collect and enhance powerful, elemental heroes and form a team of the most attractive and elite heroes based on their growth and fusion!

▶ Endless adventure awaits in Argent Twilight!
Join the official Argent Twilight community to participate in events and earn rewards!
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[Permission Management]
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