TERA Classic Review, Guide and Everything You Need to Know


Hello, all MMORPG lovers; we have a new game for you. The TERA Classic came to Southeast Asia recently, and it will make your way through a magical world with many enemies and the journey to guild glory. The chaos comes with a whole set of boss battles, and everything, including the battlefield, the glory, the fighting, and the champions, is here to be enjoyed.





TERA Classic Review, Guide and Everything


But the thing is that you may not be able to get the whole experience from gaming when there are zero ideas for it, and this might make you want to crawl into the game more and more. Although this is a comeback for the world, you have so many things to learn in this super majestic, magical world, and since there is no typical PVP, you may have to dig into it more and more.


And now it is time for you to fight with your character all with power, and we are going to review the game with some honest guidance and tips. It is time for you to take TERA Classic on PC with LDPlayer 9 if you really want it to reach for the best performance, and here is your guide for the game. Let's start.


TERA Classic – Basic Overview of the Game

As a first-time player of this game, it is a must for you to have a basic idea of it. So let us bring you one here. Before this SEA steps, this game was one of the best MMORPG games that won the hearts of millions of players, and it comes with a stunning yet fast-paced gaming experience. One of the key features is that this MMORPG requires players to play it with a monthly subscription. But here they are with a free-to-play title.


With all the peaks and features that the TERA Classic has, we expect it to be the icon it was back for the MMORPG genre, and we expect it to take its roots back with time.


Gameplay Overview

Per the official data of TERA Classic, it seems that the game comes with some good fighting bosses, which is a good thing that will put you into a very competitive battle. There are epic costumes that you can take here for each of the beatings of bosses, and players have a reason to play the game due to this fact. This means you will be rewarded for playing.


Gameplay Overview


The bonuses and the rewards you might gain by beating the bosses would most probably be the high EXP as well as the leveling-up support. This would be very useful for a beginner as it can increase the rate of your progression to the game.


And when talking about the combo parts of the game, there are skill combos that any player can adapt, and each of them will make you dive into the game more easily as they all have adjustable settings for you. You are also allowed to customize how you see yourself here, and many customization options are available for a player.


In terms of the gameplay environment, there is no word to say how beautifully it has been designed because every element of it makes you more dove into the game due to its amazing features.


TERA Classic Guide for the Characters

As of now, the game features five characters on it, and they have very special unique skill sets coming with them. And let's have a one-by-one look into them as follows.


  • High Elf – this is an archer in the game, and the focus of this character would be on long-range attacks. Every one of her attacks is combined with some controlling skills, and you can use her for the greatest damage in the battles. And it is worth mentioning that you will be granted the greatest mobility by using High Elfer.


  • Elin – this character from is a lancer, and she will be a top-tier hero who is fluent in both defense and attacks. She has a shield on repelling.


  • Elin – we have two Elins here, and this one is a priest, and she is more focused on healing. You can use her to ensure your survivability as she is supporting you through healing and HP-restoring skills.


  • Human – Human is identified as a slayer in the game, and this is more like a warrior to the game. He has some moderating skills for the defense, and if you want to do the greatest damage to enemies within the shortest time, you better focus on this hero. Human hero is a totally great package for sword attacks and will be very useful in battles.


TERA Classic Guide for the Characters


  • Castanic – this hero is a gladiator in the game and is fluent in evading enemies in the shortest possible time. This hero is great for melee attacks, and some nice attack combinations are coming through this hero too.  


So, as you can see, there are several characters that you need to pay special attention to if you want to become better at battles, and in the meantime, there are also some other characters who will be greatly helpful for support, such as healing. But we still don't know what races we can play due to the fact that we have two Elin heroes here. It seems like they have removed some of the characters available in the game from their previous versions.


But with the things we experienced from the best MMO games like Tower of Fantasy, we don't have much quality from our TERA Classic characters.


So as we can see from all their skills and performances, it seems like there is a good combination of skills associated with our heroes, which would be great for our battle combos.


Compatibility of the Game

TERA Classic is going to be a cross-platform game. Since it was originally released to the PC as an MMORPG game and then later released to the consoles, now they have a mobile version. And now, with the mobile version, the developers are allowing players to cross play from the mobile version through their devices which would be a nice thing to have if you are a fan of the game.


Compatibility of the Game


And one more special thing comes with the new TERA Classic release. There is only one method to play this game on a PC: an emulator. The best android emulator, LDPlayer 9, will be going to help you in this case with some more additional features added to the game. You will be greatly assisted with the features like Keyboard Mapping, which makes you set your own controls for all in-game actions. And moreover, the battles would be much better played with the Keyboard Macros, where you can play the game with several actions bound to one key.


TERA Classic Pre-Registration

Per the official website of the TERA Classic, there is a pre-registration currently going for the game, and taking part in it will reward you upon each milestone. There are five milestones in the game:


  • 50000 pre-registrations – 5x Bag Slots Extension Scroll  
  • 150000 pre-registrations – 20x Rider Soul Stones and 20x Magic Liquid
  • 250000 pre-registrations – 100x Magic Crackers
  • 350000 pre-registrations – 5x Uncommon Pet Scrolls
  • 500000 pre-registrations – Title Scroll


Among these milestones, the first four have already been achieved, and the last is the only available reward that you are allowed to own. But the thing is that to be pre-registered for the game, it asks you to enter your mobile phone along with an email address. An email is okay but entering a mobile phone somewhat seems a hard pass as many players do not accept it.


But anyway, if you would love to participate in the game as a pre-registered player, take it out there, and your rewards will be based on the game's availability.


Apart from the pre-registrations, there are also some events going live in TERA Classic, where you will be voted for a team to win some prizes. It seems like the cosplayers, streamers, and VTubers are participating here, and you are also asking to invite friends to have more rewards. Gold Coins, Pet Scrolls, and Rare Elemental Stones will be earned with this event.



And that is all that we have to bring from the TERA Classic details, and to be honest, we expect this game to be a massive hit as it was back in its initial release. This MMORPG is worthy of more hype and engagement, and we hope it will get what it deserves once the game is released.

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